Company name / Store name
Remuneration of salary and working hours
2 business trips / month (with accommodation)
Application condition
・ Ability to report and communicate in Japanese
・ Can read and write in English
・ Knowledge of project life cycle of in-vehicle device (especially navigation / audio) / smartphone / home appliance
・With product design experience (software, mechanism, any design experienced person can adopt and consider) or SW test design experience
・ Majored in Science and engineering course (Information engineering, communication engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering)
As work related to new business for in-vehicle use is main, the scope of work is broad, and many tasks are involved for the first time, so we emphasize the independence and communication ability to find out the relevant people and handle issues.
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1) Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3) Native
Work location
Shanghai, China
Guangzhou, China
Type of occupation
IT/WEB Development Telecommunications Development・Make
Job introduction / message

■ Work in charge

1 Response after mass production of car multi-media products
・ Problems that occurred at the market or customer’s factory Technical support (symptoms, pick up, primary cause analysis, request from Japanese department in charge, progress management, tests (including driving tests), preparation of a return)
・ Map data Regular update Correspondence (planning, instruction to development staff, progress control, examination (including driving examination), return creation)

2 Development management of car multimedia products
・ Planning, development requirements definition, to development charge instruction, issue management, progress management, quality control, test (including driving test), return creation
・ Prototype customer joint evaluation, primary response in case of failure

3 Market research and legal investigation of car multi-methea / ADAS / automotive products
・ China market research ・ legal investigation

4. Support for development of car multi-media / ADAS / automated products
・ OEM maker and development requirements definition
・ OEM maker technical correspondence
・ OEM maker development event correspondence
・ Test (including running test)

5. Car Multi-Measure / ADAS / Automotive product sales promotion activities Technical support
・ To develop such a product? Customer requirement analysis, marketing ?, planning proposal
・ Facebook materials creation, implementation, recollection creation
・ OEM maker technical correspondence

■ Welcome Skill / Experience

・ Can communicate at business level and report directly to Japanese people
・ Can understand English specifications correctly
・ Project management experience of in-vehicle devices (especially Navi / Audio) / Smartphone / Home appliance project life cycle
・ Design experience of in-vehicle devices (especially navigation / audio) / smartphones
・ In-vehicle device (especially Navi / Audio) / Smartphone software ・ Test design experience
・ Simply “I wrote the source code” is not enough
・ Making business trips available 4 times a month (with accommodation)

Company profile
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation ※ The Chinese corporation of In-vehicle part business
中国 上海
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 3566
R & D management of advanced driving system and automatic driving technology
Employment form: Full-time china
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.