Recruitment of HONDA car designers
Company name / Store name
Working date
8H / day (by overtime pay), principle Saturday and Sunday off
Remuneration of salary and working hours
・ Monthly salary = 10,000 yen Transportation expenses
・ Evaluate by ability every year and reflect it on salary. The salary can be adjusted from 1 to 30,000 yen every year.
・ Three-month trial period, monthly salary 170,000 + 10,000 (transportation fee)
Application condition
・ Graduated from vocational school in Japan or graduated from university in home country (four-year system)
・ Automotive industry inexperienced person OK (with education / experienced person or science system priority)
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1) Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3) Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5) Native not speak Japanese / Do not know
Work location
Utsunomiya, Tochigi
Yokohama, Kanakawa
Type of occupation
Job introduction / message

Make drawings of automobile parts under the designer and model the shape according to the designer’s desire. Acquire design knowledge and aim at being a designer.

Company profile
会社名 :本田技研工業株式会社
設立  :1948年(昭和23年)9月
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 3607
Recruitment of HONDA car designers
Employment form: Full-time tochigi kanagawa
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.