~ (Mont bell) ☆ NEW OPEN ☆ 〜in Roppongi 〜
Company name / Store name
Working date
10: 30-21: 15 (shift system) * discussion
Remuneration of salary and working hours
~ Salary notes ~
Transportation expenses (up to 20,000 yen per month)
Paid leave (Granted six months after joining the company depending on work experience)
There is employee product purchase assistance

~ Remarks on working days ~
3 days a week-5h a day-OK (shift consultation)
Application condition
◎ Japanese level N2 or higher
◎ Welcome to those who can work on weekends and holidays and long-term work
◎ Welcome to those who can cheer up and serve customers with a smile
◎ If you like mountain climbing, kayaking, climbing etc. welcome
◎ No educational background, no experience
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1) Native
Work location
東京都港区六本木6−4−1 六本木ヒルズ ハリウッドビューティープラザ B1F
Type of occupation
Sales ・Retail store ・Shop
Company Features
I have employees of a foreign nationality Inexperienced OK No account settlement in past 10 years
Shift system Consultation on working hours is possible
Treatment · Benefits
Transportation expenses Health Insurance / Labor Insurance Employee appointment available
Job introduction / message

~Job Description~
Customer service of outdoor goods, cashier work, product arrangement, inspection, stocking, cleaning work, etc. Since it is an opening staff, you can learn the job with confidence even if you have no experience.
It is a store where all the staff make from scratch!

~ About the store ~
Outdoor brands with over 100 stores nationwide
Based on the concept of “Light & amp; Fast” and “Function is Beauty”
Developing various outdoor gear
It is retail of outdoor maker [montbell].
Since everyone started together, you can start working with confidence even if you are not experienced ☆

-From existing store part-time staff-
■ Such rewarding!
You can participate in product planning regardless of part-time job! Please make use of the idea of ​​”I wish you have such a product”. It may take several years, but there are many times that it has actually been commercialized!
■ Finally
At first, you may be overwhelmed by the number of items. But if you learn little by little, it’s okay! One year from now, make use of such knowledge to become a reliable person! Laugh well and learn well ☆

~ Mont ・ bell ~
Under the concept of “Light & amp; Fast” and “Function is Beauty”, we have a variety of outdoor and sports products such as tents, backpacks, and hiking shoes.

Company profile
Bellcadia Co.,Ltd
大阪府大阪市西区新町 2丁目2−2
Founded 1982
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 9875
~ (Mont bell) ☆ NEW OPEN ☆ 〜in Roppongi 〜
Employment form: Part-time tokyo
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.