Engineers ★Welcome to foreigners★  / Up to 30,000 yen salary in half a year / Overtime 10 hours a month/N4 level OK
Company name / Store name
Working date
9:00 to 18:00 (8 hours of actual work)
◎It will be slightly different depending on where you are assigned.
◎ Overtime is about 10 hours a month.

<120 days or more per year>
■ Complete weekday 2 days system
■ Holidays
■GW vacation (according to calendar)
■ Summer vacation
■New Year holidays
■Paid leave
■Celebratory leave
■ Prenatal and postnatal leave
■Special leave

◎ You can get a continuous vacation of 5 days or more.
◎ As a measure against the new coronavirus, we are carrying out telework until May 31st. In addition, if there are children under elementary school age, a special vacation of 3 days will be provided for a certain period.
Remuneration of salary and working hours
Monthly salary 230,000-500,000 yen + bonus twice a year
◎The monthly salary is the minimum guaranteed amount. Considering experience and ability,
Determine the salary.
Application condition
■Person who has practical experience of IT engineer (any number of years of experience)
┗Because they are assigned to projects that match their knowledge and skills,
ㆍNo matter the field or language such as Web/open system, infrastructure system.

◎ It is not mandatory, but the project leader and project manager
Experienced people are welcome.
◎Because I can introduce the work to be done with foreign engineers,
Persons with experience in Bridge SE and those who can speak English are also welcome.

*Educational background, number of job changes, and employment blanks do not matter.
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1) Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3) Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5) Native
Work location
Nox Building 3F, 1-16-4 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
3-15-27 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya Ichigo Sakae Building 9th Floor
2nd floor, 2-5-28 Hakata Station East, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Project destinations in Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, or bases
◎It will be decided in consideration of the desired work location.

It depends on where you are assigned.
Type of occupation
IT/WEB Development
Company Features
A venture company
5 days a week
Treatment · Benefits
Visa acquisition support Bonus · bonus available Transportation expenses Health Insurance / Labor Insurance
Job introduction / message

Let’s turn it into your “sense of crisis” and the driving force for growth.
“You can’t take on new challenges with your current company”
“My colleagues and bosses are maintaining the status quo and are not studying technology.”
For those of you who have such a sense of crisis, is it okay to leave it as it is?
Grab your growth at our company, which supports engineers who want to do something.

For example, you can attend expos and seminars to learn the latest technologies such as AI.
The company also pays for participation and travel expenses.
“I’m in Sapporo, but I want to attend a seminar in Tokyo”
We have also responded to requests such as “I definitely want to go to the weekday expo”.

In addition, planning of own system and construction of education system,
You can also propose ideas on how to create an organizational structure.
In fact, the voice of the employee has made the card game competition a reality.

“Many people in the industry like card games.
It would be fun to hold a card game tournament while also hiring”
It came from an idea.
The event was a great success and was held three times in the past. Interested in us
It also led to the recruitment of 6 engineers.

We will be assigned to projects tailored to experience and aptitude.
From requirement definition to basic design, detailed design, programming, operation, maintenance,
There are various phases involved.
Most of the ongoing projects are web-based and infrastructure-based,
We will prepare a project according to your wishes.

◎We are also working on in-house contract development. We plan to increase the number of cases in the future.
If you are assigned to the company, you can work from home.

◎Since sales go to the project destination once a week and follow up,
Please be assured. I often talk about work and private life while eating lunch.

・Virtualization of customer management server of mobile carriers, 5G support
・Development of logistics system
・Infrastructure design and construction ・Server database etc.
* Rather than until the end of the project
:I often enter into projects by contracting for a period of half a year.

■ You can send out ideas on the in-house portal site.
You can send ideas internally, such as planning your own system.
If it is adopted, you can also work by engaging in the project yourself,
Please use it actively.

■Basically, there is an evaluation system that leads to [annual pay raises, semi-annual pay increases].
As there is an age salary, the salary increases steadily every year, and the evaluation of work is reflected in the salary. If you get the best evaluation, you can get a raise of about 30,000 yen in the half-year evaluation.

■ Support for participation in events such as expos and seminars.
Participate in events to learn new things such as AI-related expos and seminars
We guide all engineers.
Participation is free, but all costs are covered by the company.
We will also adjust the schedule so that you can participate.
Of course, you can consult about travel expenses from afar, such as “from Sapporo to Tokyo.”

We are welcoming our second year of business, and are looking forward to colleagues who can grow together.

Company profile
SUN Co., Ltd
港区西新橋1-16-4 ノアックスビル3階
Noax Bld 3F, 1-16-4 Nishi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Sales ¥ 560,000,000
Capital ¥ 8,000,000
Employees 124
Founded 2
\\\\\\\"To become a globally-renowned company based on our mission \\\\\\\'connect people with people\\\\\\\'\\\\\\\", we will continue to appreciate new values created by human interactions and will strive towards introducing innovations to the world in our pursuit of challenges.
About application
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 11780
Engineers ★Welcome to foreigners★ / Up to 30,000 yen salary in half a year / Overtime 10 hours a month/N4 level OK
Employment form: Full-time aichi tokyo fukuoka
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.