AEON supermarket cleaning job!
Company name / Store name
Working date
Working on Saturdays and Sundays, women are active!
・ Work is OK from 3 days a week
・ 4: 10-9: 00 Shift system (actual work 3-4h)
・ 9:00 to 20:00 Shift system (those who can work shifts for 3 to 7 hours of actual work)
Application condition
Those who can speak Japanese everyday. No experience, no nationality, international students, family stays, refugee viza are also available.
Foreigners are welcome!
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1) Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3)
Work location
1-2-1 Fujimino, Fujimino City, Saitama Prefecture Aeon Ohi Store
12 minutes walk from Fujimino Station on the Tobu Tojo Line
Type of occupation
Company Features
I have employees of a foreign nationality Inexperienced OK
Shift system
Treatment · Benefits
Transportation expenses Employee appointment available
Job introduction / message

Full payment of transportation expenses (with regulations)!
Anyone can do cleaning at the AEON Ohi store, cleaning toilets and aisles, collecting garbage, etc.
Consultation such as working hours is possible!
daily conversation level and can read and write easily!

Company profile
東京都中央区明石町8-1 聖路加タワー8階
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 13413
AEON supermarket cleaning job!
Employment form: Part-time saitama
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.