Bookbinding Saddle Stuffing Workers
Company name / Store name
Working date
8:00~17:00(Break 65 minutes)
Sunday break, other day (depending on shift), shift system for part-time jobs
Remuneration of salary and working hours
There is a raise. Overtime 1-3 hours (depending on the day/time)
Application condition
Those who can continue for a long time
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1) Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3) Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5) Native
Work location
4-13-3 Funato, Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Type of occupation
Factory · Light work Development・Make
Company Features
I have employees of a foreign nationality Even if I can not read or write Japanese Inexperienced OK No relocation
Shift system Sunday is off 5 days a week
Treatment · Benefits
Transportation expenses Health Insurance / Labor Insurance Training system available Employee appointment available
Job introduction / message

[Collecting work]
It is a job to set the material (paper) as the material on the machine.
This paper flows over the rails, and becomes a book together.
The number of pages varies depending on the book, so the number of parts will vary depending on the product.
The thinner the paper, the more difficult it is to prepare, and the technology to add air is required, but even beginners will soon get used to it.
Since it is basic to be able to prepare paper, if you have no experience, first of all you will need to learn how to properly prepare this paper.

[Job of “inspector” who inspects books]
It is a job to inspect the created books for defective books.
Once the paper is ready, we will inspect the finished product for defects and eliminate defective books.
Now it is necessary to neatly arrange the bound books rather than the materials.
Since the binding method differs depending on the product, there are many inspection points and it may be difficult to get used to it, but as you go along, you will be able to understand the defective book at a glance.

Company profile
Shinei paper works
Sales ¥ 165,000
Capital ¥ 10,000
Employees 23
Founded 31
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 12038
Bookbinding Saddle Stuffing Workers
Employment form: Part-time tokyo
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.