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chiba Part-time aglobalharmony株式会社
hourly pay 1,150
*Logistics work experience required
*Any age, experience, and educational background
*Gender active
*Welcome to freeter and main husband!
*No nationality required (technical/humanistic knowledge/international work visa, international student visa, family residence visa not available)
Those who can firmly answer and answer when asked by customers
★ Daily payment OK
★ Weekly payment is OK
★ prepayment OK
★End-of-month lump sum payment OK
Japanese level
Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5)
Working date
9:30 ~ 17:30

Car wash work

hourly pay 1,300
*All are outdoor workshops *Washing of cars that have been soaked in water due to flood damage *Vehicle management work (curing damage to vehicles, assembly, removing numbers, checking documents, etc.) * Assessing products (checking vehicle status, etc.) (Image capture) *Transportation and cargo handling using a counter-type forklift (only for those who have a fork license) Employment conditions: (1) Male (2) Those who can commute by themselves (car, bike, bicycle, etc.)
Japanese level
Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5)
Working date
◇Work: Monday-Friday (Saturday and Sunday holidays) Start 9:00-End (1 hour break)


kanagawa Temporary staff
hourly pay 1,200
Japanese level
Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5)
Working date
[休憩時間] 10:00~10:15/12:00~12:45/15:00~15:20 80分
[休憩時間] 00:00~00:45/03:00~03:20/22:00~22:15 80分


shizuoka Part-time
hourly pay 1,300 1,360
Japanese level
Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5)
Working date
①日勤 08:00~17:00 夜勤残業あり1時間~3時間各休憩60分 実働8時間00分4勤2休②日勤 08:00~18:00 夜勤残業あり 1時間~2時間各休憩60分 実働8時間00分残
業・休出 40時間程度/月 ※フォークリフト免許ありで物流作業の人、時給1,400円(昇給有りMAX1,460円)※残業は最大で3時間まで※10:00から10分間、15:00から10分間の休憩はあるが勤務扱いとなる。※1時間以上の残業前に10分の休憩あり休日  土日祝日休み(会社カレンダー)
    長期休暇あり(夏季、年末年始、GW)交 通 費  支給あり(会社規定)電車通勤の人は、定期代支払公共交通機関利用者 ※定期代支給(MAX上限あり)支払方法月払(月末締め、翌月12日払い)食 事食堂・喫茶利用可(IDカード利用・給与天引き)、現金は売店のみ、昼食持ち込み可