Lowering the furniture,bedding.

kanagawa Part-time 株式会社コバヤシ・エンタープライズ
Daily salary 10,000
Inexperienced is okay. Japanese level is N4.
Japanese level
Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5)

Recruitment of employees! [Those who do not have working restrictions or who have passed the specific skill “Food Service” or are planning to take the exam]

chiba saitama tokyo kanagawa gunma Full-time 株式会社ゆで太郎システム
Monthly salary 200,000
・ Japanese language ability N4 or higher (or those who take N4 or higher in the June 2020 exam)
・ Persons who have passed or are scheduled to take the special skill “Food Service” test
・ Persons without work restrictions (permanent residents, Japanese spouses, etc.)
Japanese level
Beginners (greeting level ※N4,N5)

The fullness of incentives! Mass Recruitment for Corporate Sales Members!

tokyo Full-time A global harmony 株式会社
Monthly salary 220,000
Age, sex, nationality, language ability, etc. are no object.
Focus on humanity! We are waiting for applications by the following people.

· To share the management philosophy and to pursue the dream of "reconciliation and development of the whole world" together
· To have a understanding client companies' tasks and to make lots of efforts to resolve
· Those who would like to try out their skills in an industry where big growth is expected in the future
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1)
1 2 ... 40