How to receive emergency payment of 100,000 yen for foreigners


We will show you how to receive the 100,000 yen benefit of the Coronavirus Emergency Economic Measures.

Person who can receive 100,000 yen

○ Persons listed in the Basic Resident Register as of April 27, 2020
○ Japanese living in Japan and foreigners who have residence status (more than 3 months) and deliver resident’s card
× Excludes people born after April 28, 2020.

* No matter age or income.

The application for 100,000 yen benefit is made by the 「head of household(「representative of the people listed on the same resident card」)」Will do.
100,000 yen will be deposited into the householder’s account at once.

Be careful if the address on your resident card is incorrect

In order to receive the 100,000 yen benefit, the “address written on the resident card” and the “current address” must match.

If the address on your resident card is incorrect, please correct the address on your resident card as soon as possible.

How to apply

There are two ways: by mail or online. You cannot apply online if you do not have a My Number Card with photos.


1. The application arrives at the head of household
2. Fill in the application form with the householder’s bank account and necessary information
 3.「Identity verification documents(Residence card, etc.)」「Confirmation documents for application account」Prepare a copy of each
 4.Return to the municipality

Benefits are announced to start in mid-May.

The most important point is “resident’s card”

If the address is different, correct it early.

How to change the address on your resident card

Procedures at the city or ward office where you will move out (where you lived before you moved)
1 Submit a transfer notice
2 Receive a transfer certificate
Procedures at the government office / government to move in (live after moving)
3 Submit a transfer notification and transfer certificate (within 14 days from transfer)

Identity verification documents and seal are required.

If the address on your resident card differs from the address you actually live in, correct it as soon as possible.