Foreigner appeal competition


A global harmony helps foreigners to find employment, so many companies can appeal to many companies.「Foreigner appeal competition」It will be held. Please join us to win a job.

「Foreigner appeal competition」Summary of

We will post a self-promotion video of foreigners wishing to work in Japan on a special website. The videos posted on the special website are watched by a large number of recruiters who are recruiting.

If a hiring manager of a company sees your self-promotion video and says “I want to have an interview” or “I want to talk once”, I will be notified of the selection via A global harmony.

WebSite image

Your self-promotion video will be posted on the special website in this way.
(Name and address will not be disclosed.)
Foreigners aiming to work as full-time employees in Japan
(New graduates and mid-careers are OK.)

Information to be published:
Self-PR video, resident status, Japanese language ability / JLPT, qualification, desired occupation type, desired work location, self-PR

Expected Release Date of Special Website:
Scheduled for early May (The website will be released when a certain number of videos are collected.)

Start accepting shot videos:
Now accepting! (The reception will end when a certain number of people have gathered.)

Procedure of participation

1. A global harmonyLogin to the website of Register Profile please.
2. Take a video and send it to the A global harmony representative.
3. In case of an offer, A global harmony will contact you.

How to send video


ID: wmikaw

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Other There are various ways to receive it. Please feel free to contact us.
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Shooting rules and precautions

・You can even use a smartphone. When shooting with a smartphone,SidewaysPlease shoot at.
・Please talk within 1 to 3 minutes.
Don’t say your nameplease.
・You are free to dress. If you’re unsure, we recommend a business suit.


I have created a sample self-promotion video, so please refer to it

What to speak

・Your personality and strengths
・ What you are good at and what you like
・ Why you came to Japan
・ What you have done so far (schools, qualifications, sports, part-time jobs, volunteers, etc.)
・ What kind of work do you want to do?
・ Self-promotion

Please feel free to combine the above items and talk.

What you want to be aware of


This is a very important point. Please talk with a charming smile to make you want to work with you.

Give a specific example

「I did my best」「Continued for a long time」There are individual differences in expressions such as.「3 month」Some say that is long,「3 month」Some say that is short.

× Bad example
「I worked hard at a restaurant for a long time.」

○ Good example
「After coming to Japan, I worked part-time as a hall staff at the same yakiniku restaurant for the past two years, and I also served as a leader for one year. In addition, we have the experience of voluntarily creating POP of products and increasing the number of sales by 30%.」

Energy and enthusiasm

There are few companies that make hiring decisions based only on their abilities and skills. If you meet the requirements such as ability and skill and judge that the person is suitable for your company, the path to hiring will be opened.
Even if you do not meet the conditions such as ability and skill, if your feeling is transmitted「I want to work together」「I want to meet once」You can also think of it.

When creating a script

Of course, what you say is important, but it is also important that you can convey your feelings.
When you speak based on the script you have created, please be careful not to read it as a stick.

Take a chance!

Shooting a video can be very embarrassing. It may be courageous. However, there is an opportunity to take a step and succeed only for those who challenge.

By all means, try to show your courage and show yourself! A global harmony supports foreigners who work hard.

Let’s win a job together!

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ID: wmikaw

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