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企業様向けページはこちら。A global harmony ができること、会社紹介、人材採用に関する情報をご確認いただけます。

外国人の求人・採用 A global harmony について

Service for free

1. You can check the resumes of the users those who are looking for a job!

You can also read the comments from our staffs that write about the personality and skills of them.Narrow down the conditions such as Japanese level, available languages, qualifications, skills, job types what they want etc. then you can scout by sending messages to suitable job seekers.

2. We could send job offers to more than 100 schools.

3. company information sessions and interviews

It will be possible to carry out the company information sessions and interviews just one company or more.We will do all the works like planning, preparation, management, notification.

4. networking event with foreigners

Feel free to participate in study meetings and exchange meetings for hiring foreigners every Saturday.

5. No need to be worried even if it is the first time to hire foreigners!

You can also attend seminars about the legislation of visas and status of residence, which are held at regular intervals.Regular interviews with the staffs we introduced.To prevent early retirement, we will continue to meet with those staff members who were introduced by A global harmony.After that,our Japanese staffs will share those important information with the administrators for helping foreigners to adapt to the work place.

Support for understanding Japanese culture and customs

Not only to develop language skills but also being important to have an understanding of Japanese culture and customs, in order for foreign staffs to get used to work places and to get along with their colleagues. In A global harmony, we carry out various supports such as seminars, networking events and consultation meetings so that foreign staffs can understand Japanese culture and customs more.

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