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A global harmony 株式会社
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最寄り駅【都営大江戸線 勝どき駅】
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A global harmony 株式会社
A global harmony Co., Ltd.
東京都港区新橋2-20-15 新橋駅前ビル1号館716
716,Building No.1 Shimbashi Station Building,2-20-15,Shimbashi,Minato-ku,Tokyo
Capital ¥ 38,800,000
Employees 15
Founded 2018
■ Management Philosophy

- Business Creeds
Obligation first, Benefits next.
The reconciliation and development of the world, the material and spiritual happiness of employees are our first priority.

- Company Credos
Capable personnel-oriented
Selfless devotion to justice
Show of sincerity

To harmonize the contemporary internationalized world that stirring like a storm by global human resources .
To design a society where whether it is a company or an employee can be happy with the love to work and people

■ Business Introduction
· The media business of job advertisement
· The business of personnel introduction
· The support of corporate activity
· Foreigner employment support school

The introduction of workers from overseas is an urgent issue in Japan with the low birthrate and elderly society. Our A global harmony will respond accurately to the needs of this and aim for a society where clients and overseas workers will be able to harmonize together and live happily .
About application
Selection will be carried out by the following flow.
1. Document Selection(Resume,Curriculum vitae)
2. Interview

The address of the document selection will be sent by e-mail after application.
JOB CODE - 16146
Employment form: Part-time tokyo