Car  industry, Congratulatory Money 100,000 yen,Hourly pay 1850¥〜2498¥
Company name / Store name
Company name not disclosed (please contact us)
This job is managed by a recruitment agency, A global harmony.
Working date
① 07: 45-16: 45, 16: 45-18: 15 (1.50h) No break, [Break time] 11: 45-12: 45 60 minutes
② 20: 00-05: 00, 05: 00-06: 30 (1.50h) No break, [Break time] 00: 00-01: 00 60 minutes
■ Working hours * Day shift until March, scheduled to work 2 shifts from April
2 shifts day and night (①7: 45-16: 45, ②20: 00-5: 00) * 2-4 times a month depending on production conditions
Day shift: Scheduled to be two shifts from April.
★ (Shift system with selectable day shift and night shift)
Remuneration of salary and working hours
* Additional charges such as overtime and holiday commuting will be paid at an additional charge of 1850 yen.
★★★ Salary 1850 yen ~, 6 months later 1900 yen ~ ★★★
Application condition
★ Inexperienced welcome.
★ Those who can read and write Japanese.
★ Those who can communicate without problems.
★ Those who do not have visa restrictions. (Permanent resident, permanent resident, permanent resident spouse, permanent resident spouse, Japanese, Japanese spouse, etc.)
age under 40 !!
Japanese level
Advanced (Business Level ※N1) Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3) Native
Work location
JR Tokaido Line Shin-Anjo Station
Type of occupation
Factory · Light work
Company Features
I have employees of a foreign nationality Inexperienced OK
Saturdays and Sundays are off 5 days a week
Treatment · Benefits
Health Insurance / Labor Insurance Hire money for joining the company Dormitory · Company owned Employee appointment available
Job introduction / message

It is a job of Car manufacturing at a major manufacturer.
The main business is parts supply / line equipment maintenance / welding / painting / assembly / resin molding / sheet metal pressing / finished vehicle inspection work. Perform the above work in a major automobile manufacturer’s factory. * The work content differs depending on where you are assigned.

We will lend you work clothes, work hats, safety shoes, etc.
■ Transportation expenses (up to 20000 yen)
■ Various allowances (position allowance, qualification allowance, transfer allowance, adjustment salary)
■ Various insurance
■ Paid leave (granted after working for 6 months or more)
■ Various systems (grading system, evaluation system, education system)
■ Uniform rental
■ Personnel evaluation system / career education system
■ Retirement allowance system (3 years or more)
Parking lot available 6000 yen
1 room available, self-pay (self-clearing)
20000 yen to 70,000 yen
TV, simple refrigerator, bedding, air conditioner, etc.
The above equipment usage fee 4000 yen
◇ The breakdown of the hourly wage of 1,850 yen is (base wage: 1250 yen + assembly allowance: 300 yen, regional allowance: 300 yen).

◇ Those who are evaluated six months after joining the company will be paid an hourly wage of 1,900 yen.
◇ 14 days after joining the company is a trial period, and if it is judged that the suitability is not suitable, the department may be transferred or the employment contract may be terminated.
In addition, the employment contract may be terminated if the work rules are significantly violated after the start of business.
◇ The process to which you are assigned will be assigned based on your suitability, so you cannot select it.
◇ Overtime and leave will vary depending on production conditions. Please understand that it is not always constant.
◇ As for commuting means, free transportation, walking and bicycles are available. (Cars, mopeds, and motorcycles are prohibited.)
Free transfer: There is a shuttle bus from Higashi Okazaki / Shin-Anjo Station.
◇ People with tattoos and tattoos cannot work. Also, those who do not have a mobile phone cannot be assigned.

Company profile
Company name not disclosed (please contact us)
This job is managed by a recruitment agency, A global harmony.
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 14988
Car industry, Congratulatory Money 100,000 yen,Hourly pay 1850¥〜2498¥
Employment form: Full-time aichi
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.