Hotel room cleaning
Company name / Store name
Company name not disclosed (please contact us)
This job is managed by a recruitment agency, A global harmony.
Working date
① 09:00 ~ 15:00
② 09:00 ~ 12:00
③ 13:00 ~ 15:00
There is a small break if there is no room that can be cleaned
Holiday Other paid leave Legal paid leave
Remuneration of salary and working hours
Basic salary 900 yen / hour No training period
No trial period for outside work
No salary increase system for production
Midnight allowance (extra) 2 25 yen / hour Full-time employee promotion system
Overtime allowance 1, 1 2 5 yen / hour No advance payment system
Leave allowance 1, 1 2 5 yen / hour Retirement system
Commuting allowance (upper limit) 2 2, 0 0 0 yen / month
Total salary 45,000-90,000 yen [Average] 67,500 yen
Deduction salary 33,991 yen ~ 77,370 yen [Average] 55,929 yen
Average number of working days 1 5 days Overtime hours 0 H Midnight hours 0 H Holiday hours 0 H
Precautions The deduction amount is a guide only and does not guarantee the above amount. Housing tax, income tax, and long-term care insurance are not included because they differ for each individual.
Other treatment
Payment conditions [Closing date] End of the day [Payment date] Next day 21st payment
Articles with rent
Commuting [Commuting] Impossible [Station] None
Work clothes Free loan (partially purchased) [Lending target] Polo shirts, pants, salon
Information on the hall [Use of the hall] No Smoking allowed in the factory
Applicable insurance Employment insurance Health insurance Workers' accident compensation insurance
Application condition
Those who can speak Japanese everyday.
No nationality, no experience.
Japanese level
Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3)
Work location
3 minutes walk from Nakajima Koen Station on the Higashi Nishi Line
Type of occupation
Factory · Light work
Company Features
Inexperienced OK No relocation
Shift system Consultation on working hours is possible
Treatment · Benefits
Transportation expenses Health Insurance / Labor Insurance Employee appointment available
Job introduction / message

Cleaning of hotel rooms. We will clean and maintain the room used by the guest so that we can welcome the next guest.

You will be asked to clean and maintain the guest rooms in the city hotel.

Remove all leftovers, hair, and odors from the previous night, and clean and maintain them in an unused state.
Basically, one person cleans one room, but if there is work that cannot be done, multiple people can handle it.
Once you get used to it, it will take about 20 to 30 minutes per room.

For cleaning the rooms for consecutive nights, simple cleaning and maintenance will be required.
As the guest’s personal belongings cannot be touched, please perform as much cleaning and maintenance as possible.

Once you get used to it, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes per room.
There is basically no customer service.
Beds are as wide as 1 to 4 per room.
Most of the rooms are 18 to 30 square meters in size.
The bathroom is a unit bath, but it may not be used because there is a large public bath in the building.

Company profile
Company name not disclosed (please contact us)
This job is managed by a recruitment agency, A global harmony.
JOB CODE - 13638
Hotel room cleaning
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