Recruitment of clerical and translation part-time jobs in Japanese, English and Chinese

tokyo Part-time A global harmony 株式会社
hourly pay 1,200
Age, gender, nationality, language ability, etc. DO NOT matter. Humanity-oriented! We welcome applications from the following people.

・ Those who shares company philosophy and can pursue the dream of “consolidation and development of the whole world” together
・ Those who can speak Japanese, English and Chinese
・ Those who want to try your skills in an industry that is expected to grow significantly in the future

The fullness of incentives! Mass Recruitment for Corporate Sales Members!

tokyo Full-time A global harmony 株式会社
Monthly salary 220,000
Age, sex, nationality, language ability, etc. are no object.
Focus on humanity! We are waiting for applications by the following people.

· To share the management philosophy and to pursue the dream of "reconciliation and development of the whole world" together
· To have a understanding client companies' tasks and to make lots of efforts to resolve
· Those who would like to try out their skills in an industry where big growth is expected in the future