Company name / Store name
TOHO Service Co., Ltd.
Working date
Vacant time during 7:00~23:00
Work 4 or 5 days a week as a full-timer!
To work before or after school, or only work on weekends.
Remuneration of salary and working hours
Transportation fee will be paid separately 700 JPY/day.
It is available to consult to work 1 day~ /week or work only being free, or 5 days/week as full time.
Application condition
★Ordinary conversation is possible in Japanese→Instructions at work will be given in "Japanese".
Equivalent to the JLPT Level N2.
Japanese level
Intermediate level (daily conversation level ※N2,N3)
Work location
Takanawa 3-13-1, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
10 mins walk from Shinakawa station or Takanawadai station.
Type of occupation
Other Travel and service Eatery
Company Features
No resume required Inexperienced OK
Shift system Consultation on working hours is possible Saturdays and Sundays are off Sunday is off 5 days a week
Treatment · Benefits
Transportation expenses
Job introduction / message

\☆★Work in Princehotel(The nearest station is Shinakawa Station or Takanawadai Station)★☆

There is a lot of works you can do because it is a big hotel.
We will consider the time as you wish.
Welcome those who are more than 18-year-old(Japanese high school graduates or equivalent to that)~65-year-old who are full of energy.

Feel free because it is a workplace where many foreign students and permanent residents work here.

※Registered foreign students
From China, Nepal, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Italy, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. ♪

◎Those who are more than 18-year-old(Japanese high school graduates or equivalent to that)
◎Those who can speak Japanese
◎1 day ~/week
◎Work hard for 4 or 5 days a week

Work content
There are 4 types of work in Princehotel.
Work for various things every day.

①Party staff
・Mainly to carry the food and to take drink order at PARTY.
・Prepare the event venue, set up the table, and clean up after it finished.

②Cloakroom attendant(★Welcome female staffs★)
This job is to take care of coats and luggage of those who participate in PARTY♪

③Staff who to prepare the event venue(☆Welcome male staffs★)
To prepare the venue when there are meetings, lectures and events.
Sometimes need to guide guests When there are exhibitions and general meetings.

④Room service staff
Carry Foods,fruits and drinks on the wagon to the room of the hotel guests.

◆Work time
Depending on the party the time will be different,please let us know the available date.
The person in charge will arrange the shift according to your schedule.

◆About application
First of all, please feel free to apply.
Of course it is OK for just consulting.

Looking forward to your application.

Company profile
TOHO Service Co., Ltd.
埼玉県戸田市本町1-3-3 ライオンズマンション戸田公園204
Toda Park 204,raionzumannsyon 1-3-3 Honcho, Toda City, Saitama Prefecture Lions Mansion Toda Park 204
At Toho Service, we provide professional introduction to the job description arranged by the hotel and restaurant (the work of providing customers with food and ordering drinks).

There are many people who are very active in our company, whether they have working experience or not.

In your free day, just time to discuss it does not matter.
Be sure to contact us if you are interested.

We look forward to your application.
About application
① First, please apply from the application form at any time.
※ Welcome to consult if you have any questions at any time

② We will contact you to discuss your interview time

③ The interview.

④ According to your desired date of start to work.
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.
JOB CODE - 3817
★Foreign students and permanent residents Welcome!★We are looking for party staffs(waiters) of the hotel near to the Shinakawa station!!
Employment form: Part-time tokyo
Recruitment for this recruitment is over.